Brainstorming- Get It Right

The Business Analysis technique for today’s post is “brainstorming”.

We’ve all heard of brainstorming. Most likely, we’ve all done it to some degree, for personal or professional reasons. In fact, thinking back on my many years of experience, I can’t recall a single instance where brainstorming did not come into play at some point when developing alternative solutions.

Brainstorming can be simply defined as a group session, where the aim is to generate ideas without critique, judgement, or evaluation.

Brainstorming is easy to do, useful, and important, but most people do it wrong. What I mean is that many times what you hear during a brainstorming session is something like

  • “We could- wait. No, that won’t work.”
  • “Maybe if we tried- on second thought, that won’t meet our needs.”
Today's accomplishments were yesterday's impossibilities. A split picture. On one side, yesterday, a boy holds a cactus while trying not to be pricked. On the other side, today, the same boy holds a shiny, gold trophy.

As you can see, the problem with this is that many possibilities are discarded and judged negatively before they are even discussed or explored on a high level. It may very well be that someone in the room knows something that would negate the negatives, but this knowledge is never discovered because the discussion is squashed before it ever takes place.

I like to regard all solutions as possible until the known laws of physics tell us they’re not. After physics, the only real contenders are time, money, and principles/ethics. 🙂

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