Change Request

I want to finish up this Business Analysis technique series by discussing “change request”. Please note, there are many other BA techniques, many of which I will discuss on ad-hoc basis as my blog continues.

A change request is a document that outlines information pertaining to a change that must be made. Formal change requests are most often associated with the waterfall methodology, as agile methodologies have a more dynamic way to deal with project pivots.

Most often, change requests are made to improve something that is already in production. Formal change requests can be made after a project has begun and the scope of work has already been defined. Change requests can also be used to initiate project work.

Change requests usually require a round of analysis of all types, especially time and cost constraints. In my experience, change requests are either approved or disapproved based on whether or not the perceived benefit will outweigh the (usual) additional costs outlined in the change request.

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