How do things work now?

The Business Analysis technique for today’s post is “as is process analysis”.

As is process analysis describes the current, right now, if you will, state of a business process in an organization. In other words, this type of process analysis describes how a business process works, or is carried out- not how that business process should work or be carried out.

I love doing this type of analysis, because it shines a light on areas that need improvement from a procedural perspective. I like to draw flowcharts to illustrate the as is state.

For example, a business owner may find that his team members are always turning in fewer merchant’s credit card receipt than they should. Missing merchant credit card receipts could result in loss of revenue. So the business owner wants to find out how this is happening.

The business owner, with the help of her business analyst, maps out the as is checkout business process. While doing so, it is discovered that sometimes the team member hands the customer their credit card receipt before receiving the signed merchant’s credit card receipt, and sometimes after.

Only after the as is analysis is performed can the business owner determine that the arbitrary choice about when to hand the customer their credit card receipt should not be a choice at all, and decide to standardize the checkout business process so that a team member will always hand the customer their credit card receipt after the merchant’s credit card receipt has been signed and returned.

Woman explaining a sale flowchart, which ends in a successful sale, to a colleague.
Sale Flowchart

This standardized checkout business process can be taught to new employees, correct the actions of the current employees, and decrease the number of missing merchant credit card receipts.

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