What is Inskilled VBS?

Short and sweet answer*-

Inskilled VBS is a business and organization Problem Solver- we assist businesses and organizations through the business problem solving process, so that they can grow and reach their goals. No matter where (geographically) the business or organization is located, we can help.

Wait- business problem solving is a process🤔

YES! Business problem solving is a process, if you

  • want the business problem solved in the most effective way possible
  • want the business problem's solution to cost as little as possible
  • want the business problem's solution to last as long as possible

Inskilled VBS uses professional Business Analysis techniques and methodology to chaperone, mentor, and coach small and medium size businesses. Inskilled VBS can guide you through the business problem solving process, and help you to identify and implement the best solution for your business or organization.

What is a business problem? 🤔

A business problem

  • is anything that gets in the way of growth, improvement, innovation, change, and/or meeting goals
  • is a distraction
  • causes you to be busy instead of productive

Let's be frank.

The longer a business problem is allowed to continue, the more it costs to eliminate and/or repair the damage.


  • Not knowing whether the money you spend on advertising is bringing you any new customers.
  • Not knowing how many sales you might be missing by not creating email sales campaigns.
  • Not knowing how much money is being lost by making decisions based on gut feelings instead of hard numbers.
  • Not knowing how much time can be saved by using helpful software.
  • Not knowing how to calculate EMV (Expected Monetary Value) or ROI (Return on Investment) of a new product or system.
  • Not knowing how to calculate things that don't have a dollar sign on them- like the value of good customer service.
  • Not knowing how to calculate when and how your balance sheet can go from red to black.

Face facts.

If you have a business problem, and you have not been able to address it on your own, you need to stop wasting time, and call in reinforcements. Try something different. Change. The cost (in both time and money) of solving the business problem is only a fraction of the cost of allowing the problem to continue. If you don't believe that, we can run the numbers on that too. 😀

Group of cartoon business people holding gears

*Here's a wordy, long-winded description 😩 :

Inskilled VBS acts as the highly skilled, experienced, educated Problem Solver and Business Analyst that assists businesses and organizations through the business problem solving process, enabling them to scale up, increase the quality of their output, and achieve their goals. Inskilled VBS performs business and organizational development support tasks so that you can focus on the tasks that specifically require [only] your attention.

*Here's a nerdy, jargon-filled definition 🤓 :

n.  in'-skilled' (in'-skild')

  1. a boutique business analysis consulting firm owned by Annette Robinson
  2. a portmanteau comprised of the words 'instilled' and 'skilled'
  3. a Business Analysis practitioner
  4. a Kaizen Wizard
  5. an Agent of Change
  6. a Champion of Productivity
  7. a business chaperone, mentor, and coach
  8. a promoter of technological tools that aid productivity
  9. a service that holistically meets the needs of businesses and organizations by providing access to a premier skill set they might otherwise not have access to, and remotely, efficiently, and cost effectively performing essential support tasks that those businesses and organizations don't have time to do, know how to do, or have the appropriate staff for
  10. an independent consulting firm that specializes in performing essential, non-monetizable business and organizational development support tasks that enable businesses and organizations to reach their primary goals

Busy. Productive.


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