Identifying Problems and Solutions

Business and Gap Analysis

Business Process Analysis and Mapping

Requirements Development and Documentation

Business Management

Project Management/Facilitation/Prioritization

Metrics Analysis

Competitive Market Research and Analysis

Create/Maintain Websites/Software

Marketing/Sales - Strategy and Implementation


Fee Schedule

Fees are determined by the services needed, plus the level of effort and time needed to complete those services, so each client will have a unique fee schedule. The below serves only as an example.

Service 4 hrs  Level of Effort Total


$200 (High) +50% $300
Y $125 (Low) +10%


Fee schedules for long term services are available upon request.

Onboarding Process

After a comprehensive consultation, each client will receive a unique Statement of Work (SOW) which specifies what work will be done, for how long, and applicable fees. Rest assured, any work performed under a SOW will be covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Inskilled will never share client information with anyone.


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