Don’t tell Momma- questions are not the devil

Business Analysts solve business problems. To do this, a Business Analyst needs a certain set of skills. According to Zippia, there are 10 skills a BA must posses.

The second skill on Zippia’s list is research, the sixth is problem solving, and the ninth is communication- all of which involve (dah, dah, daaaahh) asking questions. (How to ask questions and then interpret and respond to the subsequent replies is one of my favorite subjects. 🙂 )

I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point, asking questions seems to have gone from being generally regarded as an ‘inquiry’ to ‘vicious attack upon intelligence, integrity, and reputation’. Now, I know not everyone makes this definitive translation when they are asked questions, but a remarkable amount of people do- not just in their professional lives, but personal ones too.

As a BA, my only goal is to solve problems. …

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Asking questions (in a non-business environment) seems to be getting harder.

So, I was looking for a topic to write some original content about, and inevitably, Facebook. You may have experienced this before, or something similar.

I’m cruising through my business groups, looking for something interesting that might actually add some value to my life, and suddenly, I see this post- “Who here believes in soulmates?” Immediately, my first thought is, How does this relate to business? So that’s what I type in my comment box.

You can probably guess what happened next. I has a slight suspicion as I hit enter, but the fair player in me said I had to let it play out, I had to give it a chance, because I hate to be unfair- I readily admit that I cannot predict the future or read minds. I do not know everything.

I was disappointed. I hoped it would turn out differently. I really did, because I …

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