What does it mean to be an agent of change?

So, a few days ago, I was having a conversation with a prospective client about her needs. She said she’d reviewed my website, but didn’t understand exactly what a business analyst does. Immediately I recognized that I had not done enough to explain that on my About Us page. So, I’ll take the opportunity to do so now.

What is business analysis?

Business Analysis, as defined by the IIBA (the most prominent BA professional certification organization in the US) is “the practice of enabling change in an organizational context, by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders.” Stakeholders are those who have an interest in an organization.

What is a business analyst?

So, a business analyst, or a change agent, is a person who performs business analysis. Study.com says, “A change agent is a person from inside or outside the organization who helps an organization

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A Simple Example of Problem Definition

In order to know how to solve a problem, you first have to know what the problem is. That’s what we Business Analysts call, in fancy shmancy terms, Problem Definition.

See, what happens is that a lot of clients will say, ‘I want X’. As a business analyst, my instinctual response is, ‘Why? What will X do for you that is not being done now?’

Here is simple but good example of Problem Definition. The red is what the client came to me with, the yellow is my instinctual response, the blue is what the client said, and the grey is my contribution.

The below picture is only half of what was documented in the map. If you click here you can see the interactive version of the entire map. If you click on the note on the yellow node, you can see my observations and the problem defined.

There’s …

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