Get a Business Analyst? Why?

A Business Analyst solves business problems by helping an organization (and, therefore, people) to understand where they are, what change is needed for improvement, and why. They work to define, plan, build, and execute a solution for an organization to get from A to B, and then successfully acclimate to the change.

That can be a lot of work. Or it can be little. A Business Analyst wears one hat or fifteen for various amounts of time. It just depends on the organization, its people, and their needs.

All large organizations have at least one Business Analyst, which is one reason why they continue to be successful. Most solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and SMBs (Small- and Medium-sized Businesses) don’t have a Business Analyst, even though having a Business Analyst will only increase productivity and add to their success.

Has your organization been struggling with making progress? What’s it costing your organization to …

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Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done, or GTD, is a methodology created by a guy named David Allen. Basically, it helps to bring organization to chaos.

Since, several tools have become available to help us to GTD. I often hear from my clients that staying organized is one of their biggest challenges. I recently recommended Trello to a client, and she loves it. This article from the Capterra blog lists several tool available to combat chaos.

Do you have organizational challenges? Have you tried any of these solutions? #GetPEOPLE.

5 Apps for Simplifying Your Getting Things Done Process

Are you the kind of person who makes a list at the beginning of the day and then crushes it before the sun goes down? Or, are you the kind of person who wants to be that kind of person but ends most days with a handful of half-finished projects, missed deadlines, and emails awaiting

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