Get out of the weeds.

Business Theory

The idiom 'Get out of the weeds', as it pertains to business, is rooted in The Core Competence of the Corporation, written by Prahalad and Hamel. Though it was written more than fifteen years ago, the concept conveyed is still more than relevant- it's essential to the way we do business today. A company's competitiveness is derived from it's core competence, and core products, which are the results of said competence. In other words, to gain competitive advantage, a company needs to know what it's good at, do it, and do it so well that people and other companies line up for their products or services. Now, isn't that what you want- for people and other companies to line up for your products and services? Isn't that one of the reasons why you went into business in the first place? Of course it is!

Your Business Practices

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