Creativity is Essential to Solving Business Problems

According to Mark Cuban, and Linkedin, the most sought after job skill for 2019 is creativity.

So what does that really mean? For Business Analysts, it means that we must stretch ourselves creatively (which might be really difficult for some of us) to find solutions to the problems that plague our customers- or even ourselves.

I was recently challenged with finding creative ways to make my non-visual consulting firm’s mission IG and Twitter worthy. It wasn’t easy at first, because I kept thinking, “How do I make a Project plan interesting, valuable, and fun to look at to SMBs who may have previously seen only a few without using too many words?” and “How do I create a visual for pros and cons on different requirements elicitation techniques without asking the audience to engage in a 20 minute read?”.

Then I found these articles. (I’m not a social media …

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