The Robinson Method: 4 questions I ask myself before I make a choice

It’s been several years now since I identified the four questions I ask myself before I make a choice. I call this process the Robinson Method (patent pending 🙂 ). [For those of you who want to correct me by saying, Wait, thought methods can’t be patented- yes, I know that thought methods cannot be patented. That was a joke. Now I’ve had to explain it to you. Now it’s not funny anymore. You’ve ruined my joke. What kind of person are you to go around ruining other people’s jokes?]

I’ve always asked myself these questions, but I didn’t realize the process was so well defined in my brain until I described it to a friend of mine. (Sometimes I even draw diagrams. Nerd.) I always knew that highly technical techniques could be used for more intimate purposes, but it didn’t really dawn on me that I had been doing …

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