Is your SMB affected by your self-image?

You must be confident to be a successful entrepreneur or SMB owner. It takes guts to put yourself out there and take on such a high level of responsibility. Consequently, we entrepreneurs make lots of decisions. How can we know if we’ve made the right decisions? What if we’re wrong? How does that affect our business? According to a social psychologist at UTEP, recognizing when you might be wrong does not decrease perceptions of competence.

How to Know When You Might Actually Be Wrong

In any argument, it can be hard to tell who is wrong and who is right. Except when you’re one of the involved parties, that is-because you’re definitely right. Right? It turns out, you might not be!

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Employee effectiveness is critical to SMB growth

As a #smallbusiness owner, entrepreneur, or SMB leader, you (or your staff) may need to perform some tasks you aren’t all-together familiar with. Don’t let these kinds of tasks slow you down, trip you up, or push you off track! Call in reinforcements!

There’s nothing wrong with asking for or bringing in assistance- especially if that assistance will help you to grow your business. Large organizations bring in consultants all the time. You can too.

Employee Effectiveness is Critical to Small Business Growth

Employee effectiveness is critical to small business growth. To achieve growth goals, SMBs need to prioritize efforts to improve productivity. Find out which industries are struggling the most because of these challenges and what you can do to make your workforce more efficient. specializes in providing Business Analysis to SMBs.

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