What do I understand about what was just said?

The Business Analysis technique for today’s post is “active listening”.

Over the years, we’ve heard a lot about active listening, and at this point it all sounds quite cliche’. However, cliche’ or not, active listening is still one of the most important skills you can have and use (in both your business and personal lives). Active listening is simply listening attentively to what a speaker is saying, reflecting on what is being said, and withholding judgement about what is being said until true understanding has been established.

A great way to test whether or not you are engaged in active listening is to ask yourself (after the speaker has finished) “What do I understand about what was just said?” In this way, you acknowledge that what was said and your understanding about was said might be two different things. This acknowledgement subtly and consistently encourages you to actively listen.

Quote: Do not listen with the intent to reply or judge; listen to understand.

Being able to actively listen leads to empathetic behavior and overall emotional intelligence.

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