You can do anything, not everything.

For all the solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small business owners out there- you can do anything, not everything.

You are only one person, and you can only pay close attention to one thing all the time. The latest science proves effective multitasking is a myth. You cannot be in two different meetings at the same time according to the known laws of physics.

Man sitting at desk, overwhelmed by all the business tasks that require his attention. Persons off screen are trying to hand him a phone, a checklist, some books and manuals, and another is reminding him of the time.
Effective multitasking is a myth.

So, while you are smart, creative, innovative, and don’t mind putting in work, you simply cannot do everything all the time.

How about this- gather smart people around you who can support you, give you good advice, share best practices, and maybe show you a few techniques of their own? These types of relationships are beneficial and contribute to your growth. Don’t be afraid of paying for knowledge, especially if it helps you to progress faster.

Most of all, keep moving. Don’t be a bottleneck. Admit that you have limits. There are very few business related tasks that only you can do.

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